Guide to Install FM WhatsApp Latest Version

FM WhatsApp V10.06 has been launched.

However, there are certain things that we would like our users to know.

  • Official WhatsApp has introduced new checks to their verification server on Google Play Store.
  • This measure is taken against all the users who are using modified versions of the app.
  • With this in effect, 90% of the banned numbers won’t work with V10. As it’s difficult to bypass the current security checks. Banned users have the only option to verify through the Official WhatsApp.
  • The users that have not been banned yet, can use the FM WhatsApp V10.06.
  • If Official WhatsApp keeps these regulations in effect, V10 is going to be the last version of FMWA.
  • It is suggested to move your media from modified versions to the original version to secure your data.

Installation Guide for FM WhatsApp v10.06

Following are the steps to install FM WhatsApp v10.06

1) New users on FMWA who are already using the original version are advised to backup their data. Then Install FM WhatsApp and verify your number.

Check the Video for proper guide to backup and install.

2) To register a new number, simply install FM WhatsApp 10.06 and proceed with the verification process. No further steps are required.

3) Banned users need to use the “Linked Device” feature to use the new version of FM WhatsApp.

Check the Video for Proper Guide for Linked Device on Same Phone.

Check the Video for Proper Guide for Linked Device on 2 Different Phone.

4) If you just want to update your current FMWA version, you need to follow the three steps:

  • Backup your data
  • Uninstall the current version
  • Install the new updated version FM Whatsapp V10.