Download FM WhatsApp APK Updated 10.10 July 2024 (Latest)

FM WhatsApp has arrived with an altered experience of the Standard WhatsApp but with additional perks and modifications. It is the modified version where you have exclusive features unlocked for free. This powerful mod goes totally beyond the capabilities of the original WhatsApp. You can enjoy ultimate features like hiding view status, unique themes, customized chat rooms, and many more. You can find details about the app by downloading the latest version of FM WhatsApp from the download link below. 

FM WhatsApp Download

Please ensure to review the installation guide provided below the download button before downloading the latest version.

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What is FM WhatsApp APK

In the ever-evolving world, people demand new and more slick innovations for each platform. We all know WhatsApp is the most often used social media app for daily communication. However, users found it lacking in many features. To fulfill the void we have come up with the mod version i.e., FM WhatsApp. It not only gives additional features to satisfy the users but has a lot more customization options. For more amazing features you can download AN WhatsApp.

So, if you seek more control and flexibility over WhatsApp then you can consider it a try. After downloading the latest 2024 version of the FM WhatsApp you can enjoy improved privacy along with extended file-sharing limits. In today’s article, we will see the nitty-gritty details of FM WhatsApp APK, exploring its unique features, benefits, and how you can safely download and install the latest version v10.10 on your Android device. 

FM WhatsApp Specifications

NameFM WhatsApp
Published ByFouad Mods
Size76 MB
GenreExtra Features
RequiresAndroid 5.0+
Latest Version10.10
License TypeFreeware
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FM WhatsApp Download APK 2024

You are about to experience the most advanced features with the latest version of FM WhatsApp for 2024. This updated version has an abundance of new features to give you a superior user experience. You can download the FM WhatsApp for free. How? Well, below I have given a detailed guide for FM WhatsApp download v10.6 on Android devices. Follow the steps:

  • To initiate the process, move to your device security settings.
  • Look for the permission button. 
  • Give permission to install the apps from unknown resources.
  • Move back to our site.
  • Click the download button. 
  • The download will begin.
  • In a matter of seconds, the download will finish.
  • Now, go to the device file manager. 
  • Locate the APK file that was recently downloaded here.
  • Tap on it to complete the installation. 
  • After that, you can launch the app to enjoy the unlimited perks.

Requirements to Download Latest Version

If you feel any fluctuation while downloading the mod WhatsApp it may be due to your device doesn’t meet the requirements. Below are some of them:

  • FM WhatsApp APK is compatible with Android 5.0 and above. So, ensure that the operating system of your device is current.
  • Double-check that your device has enough space for the APK file and app installation.
  • A stable internet connection is required to download the APK file and to verify your account during the initial setup of FM WhatsApp.

Precautions for a Safe Install

It is a well-known fact that installing mod files are bit risky. So, to ensure safety you may need to follow some caution before downloading. 

  • When installing the modified app, always check the authenticity of the source. 
  • Whenever you start installation, review the permissions needed by the application. If an application requests unnecessary permissions, it may pose a risk.
  • Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) can be good for security and privacy.

Best Practices for Avoiding Detection and Ban

Being a third-party app, FM WhatsApp carries a risk of detection and potential ban from the official service. So, here are some best practices to minimize the risk:

  • It’s safer to use FM WhatsApp with a secondary number or account, keeping your primary account on the official WhatsApp application.
  • Sending too many messages quickly might trigger spam filters. So, it is important to watch how you use it.
  • Keeping your FM WhatsApp updated to the latest version can help avoid detection, as updates often include measures to bypass detection mechanisms.
  • While it’s exciting to explore the additional features of FM WhatsApp, using them excessively or in ways that significantly differ from normal usage patterns can raise flags.

Latest Version

To maintain the performance of the app it is very important to keep it aligned with the updated version. Most often, users feel lagging while using FM WhatsApp which can be due to the usage of an older version. Now, it’s time to update the app. To do so, you can refer to the below step-by-step guide:

  • Let’s suppose the existing version of the app was downloaded from our website. 
  • If so, then visit our site regularly to get the details about the new version, or else we will notify you about the new update. 
  • After confirming the availability of a new version, proceed to download the APK file onto your device.
  • Access your device’s file manager and locate the APK file you downloaded.
  • Click this file so installation starts. 
  • Your current data will be backed up and restored automatically after the update finishes.

APK Version For PC  

You will get excited to know that you can use the latest FM WhatsApp version on your PC now. How? Well, with the help of an Android emulator, you can install it on your computer for Windows 7, 10, or 11. Below are the details:

  • Download any emulator from a variety of reliable emulators like BlueStacks or Nox Player and LD Player.
  • Then download the latest version of FM WhatsApp from 
  • Next, launch the emulator and search for the option to install APK files.
  • Go to the location of the downloaded FMWA APK file and select it to install.
  • Once installed, open FM WhatsApp within the emulator and set it up using your phone number.

For iOS Devices

I am writing with a heavy heart that currently you can not download FM WhatsApp for any of your iOS devices like iPhone or MacBook. This app was made for Android devices. But nothing to regret, our team of professional developers is working day and night to get the iOS version of FM WhatsApp. Until then you can enjoy the latest WhatsApp from the Apple Store. While it may not offer the same level of customization as FM WhatsApp, the official WhatsApp application provides a secure and reliable platform for communication. To use FM WhatsApp on IOS you can download its alternative from Scarlet IOS.

Modded Features of FM WhatsApp Pro APK 

We are a great admirer of the Fouad Mods for giving us FM WhatsApp with Fouad Mods. FFM WhatsApp has very useful addons for people who are trying to find WhatsApp groups to meet new people, here is girls WhatsApp group link where you can chat with random persons . It improves your overall experience by giving more leverage over each feature. Here are some of the upgraded features you can enjoy with FM WhatsApp:

Hide Your Viewing Status

FM WhatsApp Pro APK has a special feature that helps you view others’ statuses without letting them know. This implies that when you view someone’s status, they won’t be notified that you’ve seen it. Keeping your viewing activity private is so easy. You can follow the below steps:

  • Tap on the three dots in the top right corner of the app to open the menu, then select Fouad Mods.
  • In the Fouad Mods menu, go to Privacy & Security.
  • Using a Here, you’ll find an option labelled Hide View Status. Once you enable this option, you’re all set. Private Network (VPN) can be good for security and privacy.
fm whatspp latest version

Hide Read Receipts

With this feature, you can read messages without the sender knowing, as the blue ticks that usually indicate a message has been read won’t appear on their end. You can simply enable it from the Fouad mod settings by enabling the Hide Read Receipts option. It will give you privacy more than ever. 

Freeze/Hide Last seen

You are fully in charge while using the latest pro version of WhatsApp. It allows you to freeze or hide your last seen status. This means that even if you’re using the app, your contacts won’t see when you were last online. To activate it, simply go to the Privacy and Security section in the app and turn on the Freeze Last Seen option.

Anti View Once

We often counter that our fellow users send the image or video to view once. But we are looking to re-watch it. To help with this FM WhatsApp has an option named Anti View Once. It gives you the leverage to view photos or videos multiple times without any limits. You can bypass all the restrictions by enabling the Anti View Once from the Privacy and Security option. 

Secure Your App with a Lock

Who doesn’t want extra privacy especially when it comes to securing your personal data? Well, all of us seek security. This is so FM WhatsApp APK offers additional security with its App Lock feature. This feature allows you to secure your app with a lock, and protect your messages in a better way. You can do it in the following way:

  • Within the ‘Fouad Mods’ menu, you’ll find Privacy & Security.
  • Tap on it to access more options.
  • Look for the App Lock option and enable it. 
  • You’ll be asked to set a password, PIN, or pattern that will be required to unlock the app.
download fm whatsapp

Manage Multiple Accounts Easily

You have an option on FM WhatsApp where you can add multiple accounts. This is specifically useful for users who have separate accounts for personal and professional use, or for those who manage multiple business accounts. You can avail of this feature by adding a new number. 

  • Find the Multi-Account option and turn it on.
  • You’ll be asked to add another account by entering a different phone number.
  • You’ll receive a verification code on the new number.
  • Enter this code to verify the new account.

Organize Groups with Special Tabs

One notable feature you can enjoy on FM WhatsApp is that it allows you to organize groups with special tabs. It is of great help to those who are part of multiple groups and want to keep their chats organized. You can activate it by tapping the Universal option from the menu. Here, find the Group Tabs option and enable it. You’ll now see separate tabs for each of your groups on the main chat screen. Moreover, you can join groups through WhatsApp Group Links.

Share Files More Effectively

On normal WhatsApp, you can’t share more than 30 images at once and also there is a restriction on sharing larger MB files. However, FM WhatsApp lets you send larger files compared to the official WhatsApp. You can send video files of up to 700 MB and audio files of up to 100 MB. It simplifies the sharing of high-quality media at a larger level. 

In addition to standard file types like photos, videos, and documents, mod WhatsApp also supports the sharing of APK and ZIP files. This can be particularly useful for sharing apps or compressed files.

Back up & Restore

FM WhatsApp’s backup and restore features offer users a robust solution for safeguarding their chat history and personal data. With a simple yet effective system, users can easily backup their conversations and media files to prevent any data loss during updates or device changes. This feature not only ensures the security of valuable information but also allows for seamless transitions between devices. to backup your data follow these steps:

  • Click on three dot on menu.
  • Look for the Universal option and click. 
  • After that click on Backup and Restore.

Automatically Respond to Messages

We often break into a hectic routine and don’t get enough time to respond to messages simultaneously. To help with it, FM WhatsApp APK has an auto-reply option. Here’s how to enable it:

  • Within the Fouad Mods menu, you’ll find Auto Reply. Tap on it to access more options.
  • Look for the Auto Reply option and enable it. 
  • You’ll choose a message to automatically send when you receive a message. 
  • Customize it to reply to certain contacts or groups with different messages.

Translate Messages Automatically

If you have a friend who cannot communicate in your local language then using the FM WhatsApp Mod auto-translation option you can make the conversation smooth. You can find it in the Fouad Mods named Language. You can tap on it to turn on the Auto Translate option. Here, you’ll be asked to select the languages you want to translate from and to.

Activate Do Not Disturb Mode

If you want to mute all the notifications then FM WhatsApp Latest APK is facilitating you with that. With it, you can use your mobile without any disruptions from notifications or messages.  Here is how you can enable it:

  • Within the Fouad Mods menu, you’ll find Notifications. 
  • Tap on it to access more options.
  • Look for the Do Not Disturb or Sleep Mode option and enable it.

Ensure Safety and Security

Despite being a third-party app, FM WhatsApp ensures the complete security of users’ personal data. Each chat is end-to-end encrypted keeping you in the safe zone. Moreover, it has an in-built app lock feature. This feature enables you to secure your chats with a password, PIN, or pattern. Also, you can hide specific chats from the chat screen. This feature can be handy if you have sensitive information in certain conversations that you prefer to keep private.

FM WhatsApp APK

Enjoy Free Usage

Although mod apps give multiple pro features still you can enjoy them free of cost. From privacy options to improved file-sharing capabilities, all the features of FM WhatsApp are available for free. This makes it a great alternative for users who want to enjoy more flexibility and control over their messaging experience without any additional cost.

FM WhatsApp Update

In the ever-evolving landscape of messaging apps, FM WhatsApp continues to stand out as a feature-rich alternative, offering users a customizable and enhanced messaging experience. The recent FM WhatsApp update introduces a myriad of exciting features, promising to elevate your communication game to new heights. From enhanced privacy settings to innovative customization options, this update is a game-changer for users seeking more control and versatility in their messaging platform.

The updated FM WhatsApp boasts improved security measures, allowing users to safeguard their conversations with advanced privacy features. Users can now enjoy increased control over who can see their online status, read receipts, and profile information. Additionally, the update brings a range of customization options, letting users personalize their interface with themes, fonts, and other aesthetic elements to suit their preferences.

How to update FM WhatsApp?

To update FM WhatsApp, follow these steps:

  • Click the three dots on the Home interface to open settings.
  • Click “Update” and then select “Check for updates.”
  • Alternatively, visit the official website or the source where you initially downloaded the FM WhatsApp Mod APK.
  • Look for the latest version of the application.
  • Download the APK file to your device if a newer version is available.
  • Ensure your device allows installations from unknown sources.
  • Open your device’s file manager and find the downloaded APK file. Tap the APK file to start the installation process.
  • After the FM WhatsApp download update, open the app and verify your phone number.
FM WhatsApp APK

Old Version

The latest version of FM WhatsApp APK offers the most up-to-date features and security updates. Yet some users still be interested in using an old version of FM WhatsApp. These older versions offer certain features or settings that have been changed or removed in more recent updates. From the below list, you can find any of your desired versions of the app.

Download Old Version

Here you can download all Old Versions:

VersionsDownload link
FM WhatsApp Latest Version 10.10
Version 10.06 Download Here
Version 10.05 Download Here
Version 10.03 Download Here
Version 10.00 Download Here
Version 9.98 Download Here
Version 9.95Download Here
Version 9.93Download Here
Version 9.90Download Here
Version 9.82Download Here
Version 9.81Download Here
Version 9.80Download Here
Version 9.71Download Here
Version 9.65Download Here
Version 9.62Download Here
Version 9.52Download Here
Version 9.50 Download Here

How to Use FM WhatsApp APK

Using the modified version of WhatsApp is the same as the original one, just with additional upgrades. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use it:

  • Once the app is installed open it and register using your mobile number. 
  • You’ll get a verification code through SMS. 
  • Simply enter the code to verify your account.
  • After that, proceed to set up your profile by adding your name and a profile picture.
  • Now, you can start using FM WhatsApp. You can send messages, make voice and video calls, share media, and enjoy the additional features that FM WhatsApp offers.

From my Perspective

I am an active social media person, with great interest in finding new happenings. This is when I feel the dire need for new features in WhatsApp for a more personalized experience. As a suggestion, I download the latest version of FM WhatsApp from the The interaction was top-notch from the very first day. 

The interface was as it is the original app so it didn’t bother me in any way. I enjoyed the multiverse of free modified features from hiding blue ticks to locking my personal chats. If you are also seeking innovative perks in usual WhatsApp then FM WhatsApp APK is highly recommended from my side. 


Yes, the app is completely safe to install; we have personally tested it ourselves.

Yes, it is completely free to install the latest version of this modified app. 

Yes, we most often release an update to improve your experience. 

No, you cannot use this app because the iOS server does not support third-party apps. 

From chat backup in a slick way to the chat lock, every upgrade is present in this app. 

You can get any of the older versions from the above-given download links.

Closing Remarks

FM WhatsApp Mod APK is a customized version of WhatsApp with extra features. It gives you more privacy control, like hiding your viewing status and reading receipts, and lets you freeze or hide when you were last seen. It also allows for better organization of groups, more effective file sharing, automatic response to messages, and automatic translation of messages. So, don’t wait anymore and get the latest version of the FM WhatsApp 2024 now for free.