How to Hide Online Status and Last Seen in FM WhatsApp

In this digital age, maintaining privacy online has become a crucial concern for many users. Instant messaging apps like WhatsApp have made communication easier than ever, but they also come with the challenge of managing your online presence. Fortunately, with FM WhatsApp, a popular modded version of WhatsApp, you have more control over your privacy settings. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to hide your online status and last seen on FM WhatsApp, ensuring your privacy remains intact.

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Understanding FM WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp is a modified version of the original WhatsApp messenger, offering additional features and customization options not available in the official version. Developed by Foaud Apps, FM WhatsApp is widely used for its enhanced privacy settings and customizable interface. One such privacy feature allows users to hide their online status and last seen from other contacts, offering a greater degree of privacy and control over one’s online presence.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Hide Online Status and Last Seen:

1. Download FM WhatsApp

   Before you can customize your privacy settings, you’ll need to download the latest version of FM WhatsApp from a trusted source. Visit to download the latest version securely.

2. Install and Set Up

   Once downloaded, install FM WhatsApp on your device. During the setup process, you’ll need to verify your phone number, similar to the official WhatsApp setup.

3. Access Privacy Settings:

   After setting up FM WhatsApp, open the app and navigate to the settings menu. Here, you’ll find a range of customization options, including privacy settings.

4. Hide Online Status

   To hide your online status, locate the ‘Privacy’ or ‘Account’ section within the settings menu. From there, you should find an option to customize your online status visibility. Select ‘Hide Online Status’ to prevent others from seeing when you’re online.

5. Hide Last Seen:

   Similarly, within the privacy settings, you’ll find an option to hide your last seen timestamp. This feature allows you to prevent others from knowing the exact time you were last active on the app.

6. Save Settings:

   Once you’ve adjusted your privacy settings to your preference, be sure to save the changes. This ensures that your selected privacy options remain active.

7. Enjoy Enhanced Privacy:

   With your online status and last seen hidden, you can now enjoy greater privacy while using FM WhatsApp. Rest assured that your online activities are kept confidential from other users.

Additional Tips:

  1. Regularly update FM WhatsApp: Stay up-to-date with the latest version of FM WhatsApp to access new features and security updates.
  2. Use other privacy features: Explore additional privacy settings within FM WhatsApp to further enhance your privacy, such as hiding read receipts and disabling message forwarding.

Frequently Asked Question

To hide your online status in FM WhatsApp, go to Settings > Privacy > Online Status. Here, you can choose to show or hide your online status.

No, hiding online status and last seen timestamp are separate settings. You can choose to hide both or only one of them based on your preference.

Yes, you can hide your last seen timestamp in FM WhatsApp. Navigate to Settings > Privacy > Last Seen and choose the option that suits your preference.

Yes, hiding your online status and last seen does not affect your ability to see the online status and last seen timestamps of other contacts.

To enable the “Anti-Delete Messages” feature in FM WhatsApp, go to Settings > Privacy > Anti-Delete Messages and toggle the option to enable it.

Yes, you can use FM WhatsApp alongside the official WhatsApp app. They can coexist on the same device, each with its separate account.


With FM WhatsApp, you have the power to control your online presence and protect your privacy while staying connected with friends and family. By following the simple steps outlined in this guide, you can easily hide your online status and last seen, ensuring a more secure messaging experience. Download the latest version of FM WhatsApp from today and take control of your privacy.

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